Uros Golob


Just another person wandering around this rock we call earth.


I write all sorts of software, usually in C for Linux, other stuff were mostly bare metal on PIC, AVR, LX3 or ARM chips.

You could imagine that I 'm quite handy with hardware and I love poking oscilloscope probe under legs of misbehaving chips.

If necessary I write actual computer software in C/ C++/ C++11/ Python/ BASH.

I 'm diy maker, hacker, open source enthusiast, tinkerer.

Linux user, since when I found Mandrake cd in Linux book in our local library, I guess that was in late 1998. I installed it in single 1.8gb file, and only I had floppy disc to boot it on our family computer(others didn't suspect a thing:)). Later when my uncle bought new computer with pre installed SuSE Linux 6.2. I went back to computer store and begged salesman if he can sell me cd's... I liked SuSE Linux allot but without broadband internet it was almost unusable, good old times ...

When I got to college I did allot of localizations, for first linspire distribution and later for ubuntu 5.04 and newer ... I single handedly translated ISO Master and Asunder back then. I did a bit of testing on opensuse and picuntu as well.

Lately I did quite a lot of Linux kernel driver development for open source instrument arm soc SBC Red Pitaya.

Most of other work that I 'we done was for instrumentation, telecommunication, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry or medical devices mostly developing or porting software or some sort of Linux or bare metal firmware development.


You can find my b(r)log here. It is mostly Slovene rambling:)


finish last couple of exams

- write college degree and present it

- go to metaldays annually and to any similar engagements (get me beer if you see me there)

- play your guitars and sing

- mess around with arduinos, esp8266, microcontrollers, rpi | SBC, python, js, go, rust, vala, c, c++, VHDL, ...

- continue giving something back to community

- try aquaponics | hydroponics

- go to paragliding school and then build battery powered paramotor

- brew your own beer preferably IPA | PA | APA

- become best breewer possible

- finally get yourself new bicycle & then use it

- get or make RV and travel with your significant other

- design, build and fly RC models

- design, make and distribute game

- make and have fun doing it!


If you should desire to contact me, you can reach me using golob.uros at well known google email service.

You can contact me on twitter with @na1pir.

I am also on LinkedIN.

Thank you:)


The information on this site is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.